Sandi Toksvig

The News Quiz - 7th May 2015

‘Now I have decided it is time to move on and of course, I feel sad but I think it’s the right moment. The show is in great shape and like a good houseguest, you should always depart when people still wish you’d stay a bit longer. I am someone who has always liked a new challenge or idea and having made so many political jokes it is possible I may start to be a little more political myself. I am involved in the founding of a new political party, the Women’s Equality Party, and given the choice between commenting on politics or participating I think I am ready for the latter. How great if I can continue stirring things up a little.’

Sandi T

New blog - 27th August 2013


I love the idea of a blog, of a sort of online diary. It seems a fantastically easy way to eventually write a book however, I doubt that I will have all the time I desire to sit and fill it in. I will do my best. For the moment I can tell you that this week holds, amongst other things, my swearing in ceremony to become a British citizen. Actually I shan’t be swearing at all. I shall be affirming which sounds so much nicer.